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    Follow our game rules or create your own...
    Performance, Dance and Movement in the City

    The Cartography The Video Player

The game rules

Moving Cells is creating a new dancing cartography, based in Leipzig and opened to the World. And we all have a role to play!


Play the game:

1. one take
2. one audio device, exclusively available to the performer
3. share the resulting video with the other players


Create your own game: 

You want to create new game rules for others to play? You want to play according to your own rules? Our map is also here for that! Important is: Your video contains dance, performance or movement, and refers to the Leipzig urban context (or to any other specific context…)

Origo: the Installation

(Dates to be announced)

For the installation, Johannes Setzer gave himself an additional fourth Game Rule. Origo is not only an online game, it is also an installation project, that will be produced and staged for the first time in Leipzig in 2016.

Questions about participating?

Contact the Moving Cells crew:

Use the formular and addresses on the “Contact” page. Or a simple message to contact[a]movingcells.org and we will provide you with details regarding participation and video upload.

MOVING CELLS is an urban project dedicated to the various forms of Performance, especially the ones that put Dancing and Body language at their core.

MOVING CELLS brings together a wide array of Artists, from various esthetical, professional and social backgrounds, in order to let us experiment in a colorful and lively way the variety, and thus richness, of Movement Arts.

We want to produce a Perfomative-Video-Cartography centered on Leipzig but opened to the World. And you have your role to play here! We offer a few game rules, that you can follow or not. Be part of the project!

On the website, we present the participants in our LEIPZIGER KARTE or in our VIDEO PLAYER.