UT Connewitz

UT Connewitz is Leipzig‘s oldest Movie Theater still in activity, and one of the oldest throughout Germany, since its first projection in 1912. Since the eighties, its purposes have been various: Youth initiation rites (“Jugendweihe”, an atheist version of the catholic confirmation), concerts, meeting point for the Punk Scene during the GDR era. In 1992, after the reunification, the venue was closed. It was reopened in 2001, thanks to a non-profit organization whose mission is to maintain the cultural liveliness and architectural essence of the old Theater. Since then, the venue offers a strong cultural program: concerts, movie projections, readings, theater, and much more.

Dance is more rarely to be found in UT Connewitz, for the simple reason that its stage is a bit small for the usual needs of dance performances. But this sounded more like a challenge rather than a stopper for Moving Cells: the artists of our opening night will simply lay their dance floor in place of the usual audience seats, and the audience will find their seats on the stage where the screen/bands/lecturers normally throne.


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Kammgarnspinnerei Stöhr & Co.

One of the most important production sites of Leipzig’s industrial era, this wool company was founded in 1880, and its headquarters and factory are located on the actual site since 1893. Before First World War, the company hired up to 3000 workers. During the Second World War, the activity of the factory was aimed at producing war weapons. One of its Chairman, Walter Cramer, is famous for his resistance against Nazi politics, and his participation in the failed attempt to assassinate Hitler (July 20th, 1944). The site was devoted to textile production until 2003. Since then, the remains of the complex on Erich-Zeigner-Allee have been reinvested by a variety of companies, artists and organizations: Dance, photography, communication, wooden toys production, pool, climbing wall,…


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Tanz Zentrale

In the inside court of the Wool Fabric, just besides the open air stage that Moving Cells is building, is located since 2014 the dance school “Tanz-Zentrale“. Founded and managed by choreographer Konstantin Tsakalidis, there is very few dance styles that you won’t find represented there; contemporary dance, ballet, jazz, modern, improvisation, hip hop, break dance, flamenco, belly dance,… For all ages. For Moving Cells, Tanz-Zentrale makes room for workshops in its beautiful dance studio!


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Room: Engertstraße 6

In the Engertstraße 6, a room for bodybased arts and daily practice emerges. It will be home to performance, dance, contact improvisation and other body practices. The place is so new, it doesn’t even has a name yet!
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