As a choreographer, performer, dance educator and producer, Jo explores the friction between contemporary dance and various forms of art and knowledge, from New Circus to scientific research: he is interested in how dance unexpectedly emerges and becomes productive in diverse fields. This creates new spaces where body-based and other practices articulate and resonate together. Jo studied theater in France (Paris, Lyon), cultural management & curation in the USA (New York), dance in Germany (Berlin/Leipzig), where he worked among others with Alessio Trevisani, the Leipziger Tanztheater, Maeshelle West-Davis, Christian Trieloff, Bernardo de Almeida. In 2022 he graduated from the Master of Choreography (maC) at the HZT Berlin with a scholarship granted by the Deutschlandstipendium and a prize awarded by DAAD. His own productions have been shown in Berlin at the Uferstudios, Out of the Box, the HfS Ernst Busch, BodyIQ Festival, in Neuwerder at the Land(schafft)Kunst Biennale, in Leipzig at Werk II.

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Based in Berlin