accident contrôlé

variation on rotation

Publication to accident contrôlé: variation on rotation, a dialog between Jo Kolski and dramaturg and scholar Jonas Rutgeerts

In the dance-theater piece sp( ! )n – accident contrôlé, Jo Kolski explores the tension between the zen practice of the “controlled accident” and the western idea of utilitarianism, in the context of the amusement industry. accident contrôlé: variation on rotation is an adaptation of the piece, created for Out of the Box. It focuses on the interaction of the body with a useless machine: a rusty pantograph. Combining a fascination for geometrical patterns, industrial civilization and purposelessness, soft shapes and rough materials collide to create a poetic landscape.
accident contrôlé comprises two chapters of körpermaschine, Jo Kolski’s ongoing investigation and questioning of heritage – ruins? – of industrial society. “körpermaschinen” are kinetic sculptures, objects, and spaces that set bodies in motion and create narratives. Science meets tinkering, show culture meets social critique. By inserting playfulness into objects and areas associated with work, Jo Kolski deconstructs the seriousness of functionality.

Choreography, objects, performance: JO KOLSKI
Interaction design and visuals: BARIŞ PEKCAGLIYAN
Dramaturgy and choreographic assistant: BERNARDO DE ALMEIDA

pictures: Joana Lucas

The experimental performance project Out of the Box, organized by MMpraxis and CAA Berlin, provides a platform for Berlin-based emerging choreographers to adapt existing stage works to a gallery space. After having been selected through an open call, the second part of Out of the Box will present works by choreographers Robert Ssempijja and Jo Kolski. Zönotéka, the gallery hosting this iteration of the project, will be open to the artists for a week of rehearsals before presenting their work to the public. In addition, the artists are invited to receive support from a mentor of their choice.

Organized by MMpraxis and CAA Berlin in collaboration with Zönotéka. Supported by the NATIONAL PERFORMANCE NETWORK – STEPPING OUT, funded by the Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and Media within the framework of the initiative NEUSTART KULTUR.